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National Parks of Croatia

Take a break away of routine travel and discover all eight national parks in Croatia, all equally beautiful and amazingly showing nature at its finest.

There are eight national parks in Croatia, all equally beautiful and amazing: Risnjak, Brijuni, Plitvice Lakes, Sjeverni Velebit, Paklenica, Krka, Kornati and Mljet.

In Paklenica, the flora and fauna are so breathtaking, a visitor feels propelled into an idyllic scene not even an artist could paint.
Brijuni islands offer a view of a sea world as well as cultural and historical heritage dating back to the Stone Age.
Kornati is a wonderland of reefs and islets and offers to those with an interest in ecology the opportunity to view it firsthand. Velebit is a mountain climbers delight as is Risnjak and both are real monuments of the nature.
Mljet island is not only an island lost in the open sea but the most beautiful and the greenest of all Adriatic's islands.
Krka river and Plitvice Lakes, magical kingdoms of water and waterfalls which attract milions of people from all over the world will reveal you the true beauty of nature.

Inluded in the tour package:

  • Duration: 11 Days
  • Accommodation: Enjoy 10 overnights with included breakfast at carefully selected 4-star hotels and B&Bs.
  • Transportation and Guidance: Experience the journey with a certified, English-speaking guide who is also a professional driver, trained in first aid and CPR by the Red Cross
  • Entrance Tickets: Access all major attractions and national parks included in the itinerary.
  • Sightseeing: Discover the rich history and culture according to our comprehensive itinerary.
  • Culinary Delights: Relish additional dinners in Zagreb, Opatija, Starigrad, Ston, and Dubrovnik, for a complete gastronomic experience.


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The tour can also be reversed and start in Dubrovnik, if you prefer. 

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Your Croatian National Parks tour begins in Zagreb, the Croatian capital. Your ZAGREBTOURS host will welcome you at Zagreb airport and take you to your hotel. After a short rest, we invite you to join us for a pleasant evening walk around city center and for a welcome dinner in one of Zagreb taverns. Overnight in Zagreb.


After breakfast we head towards the first of eight national parks that we will visit on our journey. Risnjak National park is situated in the green heart of the Croatia, in Gorski Kotar, only fifteen kilometers away from the sea. It's the third oldest national park in Croatia, founded in 1953. One of the most beautiful natural phenomena in our country, for which experts say that for the real enjoyment of  its beauties you should have a special feeling for the charms of natural beauty. We have no doubt that you have it. After Risnjak, we will drive down to Fužine - little town in Gorski kotar region on the shores of Lake Bajer where we are going to try some specialties of local cuisine surrounded by centuries-old coniferous forests. We will continue our jurney from the mountain rgiong to the shores of the blue Adriatic Sea. In the evening we will accommodate in Opatija, which is one of the oldest and most famous tourist cities on the Adriatic. Overnight in Opatija.


Breakfast. Today we are giong to visit the Brijuni National Park near Pula which is the biggest town in Istria. Brijuni archipelago with its 14 islands and islets is one of the most beautiful Mediterranean archipelago with more than 700 plant species and the rich wildlife. Luxury and unique island nature attracted rich patricians in the old Roman times who built their “villae rusticae” there Josip Broz Tito had his famous residence on the island. Brijuni islands were always attractive for many famous names of world elite and aristocracy. On our way back to Opatija, we will stop at one of the small coastal fisherman towns and enjoy some specialties from the sea depths. Overnight in Opatija.


Breakfast. After breakfast we head to the foothills of the largest Croatian mountain Velebit. Visiting of this youngest Croatian National Park will begin in the village Kuterevo or how it’s often being called "the village of bears and people." There we’ll see a shelter for bear cubs - a place where young cubs, orphaned, alone and helpless for independent living, were given an opportunity for survival. Then we will continue along the mountain range towards beautiful to stunning peaks of Velebit. We will walk alonge the Premužić path - the most famous hiking trail on Velebit, which still considered a masterpiece work of architecture because it was built of stone and dry wall. You will definitely enjoy the breathtaking views of the Adriatica sea and islands. After Velebit National Park we head towards the Plitvice Lakes. We’ll check in to a hotel in the Park and rest for tomorrow's exploration of our largest, oldest and most famous national park. Overnight in Plitvice Lakes area.


Breakfast. As already mentioned, today we introduce you to the most visited and most beautiful national park in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes. Once upon a time this hidden wilderness was called the "Devil's gardens" and today is a magical oasis, a mixture of blue and green, the combination of the gorgeous waterfalls and virgin nature. Whether you come here out of curiosity, romance, tradition or education, the Lakes will not leave you indifferent. Enchanted  by true beauty, we continue our journey again to the shores of Adriatic. We will accommodate in the small seaside town Starigrad, located at the foothills of the famous mountain Velebit. Here we’ll have a relaxed evening, enjoying traditional specialties of Dalmatian cuisine. Overnight in Starigrad.


Breakfast. In the morning we will visit the Paklenica National Park. This park is situated in the southern part of Mt. Velebit and after the Plitvice Lakes is the second oldest national park in Croatia. It’s famous for its amazing canyons of Small and Large Paklenica where in a small area we can meet a diverse wildlife, breathtaking scenery and unspoiled nature. All of this makes this park an ideal place to enjoy nature and have active holidays. In the afternoon we continue along the Adriatic coast to one of the oldest Croatian towns - Šibenik. After check into a hotel, we recommend that you take stroll along this beautiful city and see some of its landmarks, such as Cathedral of St. Jacob under the protection of UNESCO. Overnight in Šibenik.


Breakfast. Today we take you on a boat trip to the Kornati islands - the largest and densest archipelago in the Adriatic Sea. Because of its beauty and richness of the marine ecosystem most parts of Kornati archipelago were declared a national park. Famous Kornati "crown" - the cliffs facing the open sea are definitely the sight you shouldn’t miss. This words, written by George Bernard Shaw best describe the beauty of this national park: "On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown His work and thus created Kornati Islands out of tearsstars and breath". You will enjoy the crystal clear water and fish dishes of our island hosts. In the late afternoon we return to Šibenik. Overnight in Šibenik.


Breakfast. After breakfast we leave Šibenik and we head for the seventh national park on our tour. It’s Krka River National Park. Beautiful and wild, Krka River on its way to the Adriatic Sea is forming numerous cascades and waterfalls of which Skradinski buk is the highest chalk barrier in Europe and most famous in the Park. Old mills, a small island Visovac with a Franciscan monastery and a diverse flora and fauna are among many uniqueness in this National Park. We'll track the Krka River to its confluence with the sea, to the little town Skradin where we’ll taste some specialties of Dalmatian cuisine and try some of the finest Dalmatian wines. Later in the afternoon we continue towards the south and to the Pleješac peninsula, where lies a small town Ston known for its Ston Walls, the second largest in the world after the Great Wall of China and the most tasteful oysters in the world. This little town will host us for next couple of days. Overnight in Ston. 


Breakfast. Today we are visiting the last of eight Croatian national parks, and believe us only a few of the brave and lucky can be proud about visiting all eight. Mljet National Park – the island lost at sea for many people, but we will discover you even this spell of Croatian heritage. On this island the diversity of its secrets are still hidden by the Big and Little salt Lakes, a wonderland of Mediterranean rainforests, the Mediterranean monk seal, the story of St Paul and the legend of Ulysses and the nymph Calypso. On the way back from Mljet, we will visit one of the old households on the Pelješac peninsula for its famous wines and traditional local cuisine. Overnight in Ston. 


Breakfast. After breakfast, we leave Stone and head towards the final destination on our journey – the old city Dubrovnik, or as we like to call it - the Pearl of the Adriatic. We will walk the city walls which withstand centuries against various troubles and hard times. We will discover the secrets of the magnificent palaces and enjoy the daily life of Dubrovnik. We also recommend you that you spend your last evening walking along small, cobbled streets of this beautiful city. Overnight in Dubrovnik.


Breakfast. Eleven beautiful and richly-filled days came to an end. Your guide and a friend will take you to the Dubrovnik airport and wish you a safe journey and goodbye!