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Zagreb has a rich cultural heritage dating from prehistoric ages. The very first findings of human habitants in the area date all the way to the Stone Age, around 35000 B.C. Zagreb arise from two settlements Gradec i Kaptol. Kaptol developed as a spiritual centre, where clergymen were given land to live on, and where they built curies. Somewhat later than the Kaptol settlement, the settlement called Gradec was established on the west side of the Medvescak creek. In 1242 king Bela IV, in order to thank for the shelter and to strengthen the country's defense, gave the habitants of Gradec the Golden Bull. The Golden Bull was the privilege which excludes Gradec from the governor's rule and obliges them only to army duty for the king. Simultaneously, under the influence of the Cistercians, restoration and fortification of Kaptol commenced. The city of Zagreb, with its cultural and historical legacy and significance, is one of the most vital cities in Europe.