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★★★★★Reviewed 13 September 2011

Several weeks ago our family went on The Best of Croatia tour. We signed up for the tour expecting to see the best sites of Croatia, which I believe we did, but being treated with the Best of Croatian hospitality was above and beyond our expectations. Our tour began with a personal greeting from Davor at the airport and ended with a weeks worth of beautiful sights, new friends, and stories to share for a lifetime. Jakov, our tour guide, was a generous and spirited host, offering informative and personal stories of the locations we toured. He managed our time well while still balancing our varied, and sometimes unexpected needs and desires, creating a truly personal and magical experience. Thank you for a wonderful tour and please visit us in Minnesota!

Mr. Jim, Karyn and Molly

Thank you, Davor

★★★★★Reviewed 08 June 2012

Just a few words to thank you for the wonderful tour I had with you. Six days went very fast, seeing beautiful places, eating great meals and being in your company. You are a very responsible, caring person. From the driving to seeing that things worked well, your detail to make me feel comfortable and relaxed was well accomplished. You know your history and your wishes for Croatia to grow and develop are focused. I wish you all the luck to develop your business further and I’m sure you will accomplish that task.
I enjoyed your energy and our conversations. When you come to Los Angeles it will be my pleasure to host you.
Be happy with your wife and children and all the best for the future.

Elena A.
Los Angeles, CA

AMAZING TOUR!!! It was so much more than we could have ever imagined.

★★★★★Reviewed 06 November 2014

From the time we landed in Dubrovnik, we immediately felt at ease with Davor. Then a few days later met not only Jakov but his wonderful family in the lovely setting of the hills of Ruda. We were treated like royalty being served a home cooked Croatian feast – his parents even made their own wine!!!
Davor and Jakov make the beauty and history of Croatia come alive. From both of them, you could sense their love for their country and they wanted to be sure throughout our journey that we would leave Croatia feeling the same way – and we most certainly did!

At each of our stops from the smallest town in the world, Hum; the incredibly breathtaking Plitvice Lakes; to the colorful Istrian peninsula; ending with the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. We were impressed by the warmth of the people and the diversity that the country had to offer. Each day another highlight, whether it was with Davor or Jakov, they never disappointed us with culinary delights – one tastier than the day before. We would be remiss without mentioning our daily espresso and/or beer rest stops to catch up on the day’s activities or just merely to people watch. We could probably go on for pages but then there would be no surprises left for you when you make the best travel decision of your life to explore Croatia with Zagreb Tours and spend time with Davor and Jakov! It is still a bit of an undiscovered treasure –so don’t wait too long! Linda and Amber Northern Virginia
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★★★★★Reviewed 24 September 2012

The trip with Davor and Jakov surpassed our wildest dreams. They are so professional and knowledgeable about Croatia and they make you feel like part of their family. I would highly recommend them for any tour of Croatia. You can create your own custom tour or use one that they have put together. They also helped us track down our distant relatives in a small village. They went far above our expectations.

Steve Severn


★★★★★Reviewed 11 October 2012

Wow! We can hardly express our feelings of gratitude for all you both did to make our Croatian journey a success beyond anything we could imagine. It literally brings tears of joy just thinking about it. Thank you so much for being in this business because as you know it is the people who make the business and you two are very special in that regard.

Your love for your country is infectious and your knowledge of the history of the country is great. We learned so much from you both that we would have otherwise not known. You gave us a glimpse and an understanding that we would not have been able to have known or sort through in such a short amount of time. We felt like we were driving through the country on a trip with friends, laughing, learning history, enjoying the sights. We want to thank you for your willingness to modify our schedule and being so flexible to meet our desires and needs. The accommodations and tours were outstanding and we enjoyed each and every one. Now, onward to the most significant part of our journey; Meeting our family was incredible. We are so emotional over it is difficult to get our thoughts in order. There really is no way we could possible thank you for all your help in translating the language, our changing plans, staying with us at the homestead for the many hours that you did, all of the insight that you provided to help us sort through the information we received especially with the priest and the church. Again, I am in tears just thinking of it. How do we thank someone for giving us the gift of family we never knew, our heritage, the land Steve’s family came from and still live on. It’s priceless to have had this experience. The instant connection we had between relatives who have never met. We are so incredibly fortunate to have this beautiful experience. We always suspected that we had relatives but little did we know how many and how wonderful they would be. Talk about a dream come true!!!! When we started our journey Jakov told us that when we left the country we would be so proud of Steve’s heritage. Truer words were never spoken! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Hey, who gets a guide that helps their relatives put in a bathroom or goes to the grocery store and fixes up plates of food? Thank you so much Davor. You are amazing! Who gets a guide that takes you to his parent’s home to share a beautifully prepared meal and enjoy their beautiful land and way of life with them? Thank you so much Jakov. That was such a wonderful visit and I can’t tell you how special it was for us. The cities and areas that we visited are beautiful and so very special each in their own way. We are craving more of this beautiful land and hope to return many times, hopefully beginning next year. Of course, any future journeys we make will be through Zagreb tours. We feel like you are friends and family after this trip. Our trip with you was so over and above any expectations that we had, we hope you will use us as a reference for your business. Our business has a philosophy; Undercommit and Overperform. Zagreb tours adheres to this philosophy in spades. Any of your future customers may feel free to contact us. See you soon….. A heartfelt thank you, Steve and Kathy Braykovich
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Thank you

★★★★★Reviewed 19 April 2011

On behalf of our little group of 5 friends, I would like to express thanks to Zagreb Tours for putting together the nice program for our visit to Croatia. The choice of destinations, hotels and restaurants was very good. Davor and Igor were both professional, yet warm. All of us enjoyed our visit very much and hope we will be able to see more of Croatia with Zagreb Tours in the future. JSF, Hong Kong



Thank you for making our vacation so memorable.

★★★★★Reviewed 25 October 2011

We are just finishing our 10 day itinerary with Zagreb Tours.
Davor responded promptly to all our initial inquiries and was flexible regarding hotels and the itinerary.
Our guide, Jakov, was attentive, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. He was constantly concerned about our well being and enjoyment of his country.
The hotels were a good mixture of full service ans boutique. The traditional meals were delicious feasts and our itinerary was enhanced with unexpected extras.
We were very pleased with our experience.  We hope to see you in the USA. Kathy and Lou Russo

Fantastic tour!

★★★★★Reviewed 16 October 2012

Our trip to Croatia was more than a vacation it was the experience of a lifetime due largely to Zagreb Tours. Our trip was two-fold. Our first goal was to locate family in Zapresic and Javorje. After we did much research, Davor helped us achieve this goal by customizing our tour. We will always be grateful to him for his part in this unforgetable experience.

We also had a wonderful time exploring Zagreb with him. Our second goal was to see more of this beautiful country. Jakov introduced us to a whole new world in Split and Dobrovnik. We visited Plitvice National Park which to me could have easily been designated as one of the wonders of the world. Its beauty is unsurpaced with its waterfalls, lakes and forested hills. Our days in Split and Dobrovnik were wonderful and exciting. Jakov made each day an adventure. He also showed a genuine concern for our well being. Both he and Davor treated us like family and yet were highly professional. We were amazed at their historical knowledge which they were eager to share with us. We can never thank them enough for this unforgetable experience.  
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Zagreb tours private tour!

★★★★★Reviewed 22 August 2011

We are 6 mature aged people from Australia. We were looking for a private tour seeing some of the countryside of Croatia with a driver/guide. We were not sure what to expect but I can honestly
say our 3 days with you Davor were just magical. You were a most professional guide, providing just the right amount of interaction & leaving us to ourselves.

Your knowledge of your country was outstanding and we learnt so much from you. Our history buff Derek loved it. You had a great sense of humour & you even laughed at Pauls corny jokes. The itinerary was fantastic, seeing the mountains, small villages & the wonderful Plitvice Lakes. The accommodation was firstclass & what can I say about the food - we are still talking about it. We even have photos to prove how wonderful it all was. My initial contact with you via e-mail was most informative & professional. We would have no hesitation in recommending you Davor & your company to any person wishing to tour with you. Feel free to pass my email address onto anyone who might want to use me for a reference for your company. Thank you for the opportunity to speak on your behalf, Barbara Hinchliffe
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★★★★★Reviewed 02 June 2014

After considering a “do it yourself” visit to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb we decided to book a private tour with Zagreb Tours on Sunday 18 May 2014
and we are so glad that we did. Our guide, Igor, picked us up on time at our hotel and spent the rest of the day with us guiding us around the lakes using his intimate knowledge of the park to select the best routes and the best stopping places for photographs. Apart from this he was a mine of information on the history and culture of Croatia and very good company throughout the day. We both thoroughly enjoyed our visit and would highly recommend Zagreb Tours to anyone contemplating this trip. The heavy rain in the days preceding our visit meant that the waterfalls and streams were in full flow which enhanced the experience but for anyone planning a trip remember to take some robust and waterproof footwear. This is a truly wonderful place to visit.

Alen & Ruby

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