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Museum of fine arts Vienna


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Once it was the seat of th mighty Hapsburg Empire, which even today shows all its beauty and radiance. European Capital of Culture, opera and classical music.

The city of magnificent sights of which the most famous ones are the cathedral of st. Stephen, the Vienna Opera, City Hall, Burgtheater, Parliament and of course the Imperial Hofburg Palace.

Vienna is also a city of excellent cuisine. World famous Viennese schnitzel and Sacher cake are just some of the specialties that are offered in many urban restaurants, guesthouses and pastry shops.

As once the great imperial center, Vienna is a city of many palaces of which are certainly the most famous Belvedere Palace and Schönbrunn Palace, which is under UNESCO protection.

And finally, Vienna is a city that will surely enchant you with its beauty and tradition and you'll find yourself coming back again and again.

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