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Jasenovac was a concentration camp during the NDH. Establishing camps as places of confinement, forced labor and the liquidation of a large number of Serbs, Jews, Roma and Croats (opponents of the Ustasha regime) was the result of policies of racial and ethnic exclusion in the Independent State of Croatia by the 10th April 1941. , under the auspices of the direct influence of Nazi Germany, declared Ustaška homeland organizations. After the Allied bombing of the camps in March and April 1945. , in which they destroyed many buildings within the camp, Vjekoslav Maks Luburic, commander of the Ustasha Defense, ordered to liquidate all of the detainees, a place of Jasenovac camp and fell to the ground and burn in order to conceal all traces of the crime. According to the New York list Jasenovac Researsch Institute ( in this camp were about 650,000 victims.

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