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Dubrovnik (Ragusa) is a city on the south of Croatia and one of the most important historical and tourist centers. As other six Croatian destinations, Dubrovnik was also in 1979 included in UNESCO's World Heritage List. In the middle ages Dubrovnik was independent  Republic of Ragusa, the only city-state on the east coast of the Adriatic rival Venice. The beautiful city walls built from 13 to 17 century are a favorite spot for sightseeing and weddings. Be sure to visit the tower Minceta and Bokar, fortresses St. John and Revelin, Imperial fortress, the Prince's Palace, the Pile gate, the gate of Ploce, the cathedral and the church St. Blaise. Except for its cultural and historical sites, Dubrovnik is inexhaustible source of interesting stories. Tourists love it because it has more than 250 sunny days a year and beautiful preserved beaches.