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Strani mediji o Hrvatskoj

5 hrvatskih otoka za odmor

Prekrasni hrvatski otoci idealna su mjesta za uživanje u toplom vremenu, antičkim gradovima i ukusnoj hrani.

Top 10 destinacija za 2012 prema Facebooku

Nema potpunog putovanja bez posjete Dubrovniku....

The Washington Post:Falling in love with truffles

It's a warm afternoon in the hills of Istria. By Anja Mutic

TodayOnline: Magic and splendour

Let Croatia whisk you away from the modern world into a land of drawbridges, ancient cities, and kings and queens by Wu Shangyuan travel@mediacorp.com.sg

CNN: From Croatia to Chile, four exciting culinary

If you're planning the trip of a lifetime, why not plan one that incorporates some of the best food you will ever dine on? Here are four suggestions for vacations that emphasize culinary delights. By Nina Fedrizzi and Nathalie Jordi

BBC News: A Massive Attack of music in Croatia

As the popularity of Croatia as a holiday destination has rocketed, the country has fast become a vibrant destination for European festival-goers. By Georgie Rogers

CNN:Dubai is out, Croatia is in for celeb travel

Here are some "now" destinations where celebrities will be heading in 2010. By Ami Angelowicz, The Frisky

CNN: Croatia's idyllic Istrian Peninsula

Croatia's Istrian Peninsula, in the northwest corner of the country, is an inviting mix of pungent truffles, Roman ruins, striking hill towns and pastel coastal villages, with a breezy Italian culture (left over from centuries of Venetian rule).By Rick Steves

Telegraph: Be enchanted by Dubrovnik

Ahead of the city's annual arts festival, Michael Kerr admires Dubrovnik's atmospheric churches and ever-changing views.

Telegraph: Croatia: Summer festival-hopping

Natalie Paris enjoys medieval revelry and art house films at a string of festivals along the Adriatic.

Telegraph: Dubrovnik

Liberated from the dour restraint of the past, Eastern Europe offers unexpected riches to Western travellers on a weekend break: opulent hotels, treasure-filled castles, art, music and vibrant restaurants.By Johnny Morris

Sky Travel: A city break and beach holiday

One of the surprising - and rising - stars of the Adriatic coast is the Croatian city of Split.By Simon Calder

The Guardian: Island-hopping in Croatia

Island-hopping is an easy and affordable way to explore some of the 400 islands scattered along Croatia's coastline.

LA Times: Zagreb: Europe's new star

One morning, shrieking whistles yanked me out of a deep sleep. They sounded like a thousand cops dealing with an apocalyptic traffic jam. The constant racket drove out all rational thought. By Robert Cross

The Guardian: Vis cuisine ...

The Croatian island of Vis has carved out a modest niche with its traditional cuisine, with tiny 'restaurants' – little more than a few tables in somebody's house – offering simple but delicious fare..by Lucija Stojevic

The Independent: 48 hours in Dubrovnik

Always beguiling, Croatia's historic fortified city on the Adriatic is even better during its summer festival. Harriet O'Brien braves the crowds for our insider's guide.

The Independent: A touch of the Riviera in Croatia

The Croatian island of Hvar is being touted as a rival to the French Riviera. But the yachties haven't taken over completely. Author James Hopkin reveals its charms.

New York Times: The Remix; Dalmatia 101

No man is an island, but at least one men's-wear line is: Brioni. By MARK ELLWOOD

The Independent: Croatia's Dalmatian coast

Setting a course around Croatia's lesser-known islands, John Walsh makes a voyage of discovery...